Le Rucher de la Colline

Right from the heart of the regional natural park Ballons des Vosges to our bottles comes the forest honey, produced by Le Rucher de la Colline. Florent, young beekeeper-amateur cultivates traditional apiculture in the natural environment. All of his honeys are cold extracted in order to keep all its qualities and flavors.

Le rucher de la colline, honey producer

Beier Nursery

lavender seedlings

Beier Nursery

Burkhard Beier - the most French of all Germans, a longtime friend and herbalist. From his plantation come 800 lavender seedlings, which we planted in our gardens. We will use these aromatic flowers to prepare a new extraordinary vinegar.

Nature & Co.

The richness of nature is amazing. All around us, we can find plenty of fruits, flowers and herbs. A big part of the products we use, comes directly from our region, the surrounding fields and is collected by us. In May we start to gather the elderflowers. Right after that, we collect the poppy petals, which give a beautiful color and a delicate taste to our vinegars. In the second week of June starts the harvest of green walnuts. We need to hurry up, because we only have 10 days to collect them, before they get too hard. They serve us for the base of some of our vinegars as well as for pickled walnuts. Summer and autumn provide us fruits and vegetables used for the manufacture of our vinegars and chutneys (tomatoes, figs, apples…).


coquelicot, récolte de cquelicot

noux vertes, récolte de noix vertes

fleur de sureau,